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The Third International Conference on Refugee and Migrant Health

The Third Global Consultation on the Health of Refugees and Migrants was a collaborative effort between WHO, IOM, UNHCR, and Morocco to address the health needs of displaced populations. The consultation, held in Rabat, Morocco, aimed to secure lasting leadership and commitment to the health of refugees and migrants.

The outcome of the consultation was the adoption of the Rabat Declaration, which emphasized the importance of improving, protecting, and maintaining the health and well-being of refugees, migrants, and host communities. Key messages from the report highlighted that country-led action is needed to address the health needs of refugees and migrants. Understanding the specific needs of these populations was also identified as a crucial component in providing adequate healthcare services.

The declaration also emphasized the importance of including refugees and migrants in universal health coverage, addressing social determinants of health, and utilizing data-driven approaches. The consultation served as a platform for stakeholders to strengthen high-level political commitment to improving the health of refugees, migrants, and host communities by focusing on these key areas. By doing so

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