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Boeing CEO Resigns Amid Crisis In Aircraft Manufacturer

Boeing is facing increased scrutiny due to safety issues with its aircraft, and CEO Dave Calhoun has decided to resign from his position. The company will see changes in leadership, with the chairman of the board, Larry Kellner, also stepping down. Steve Mollenkopf has been appointed as the new chairman, and Stan Deal, the CEO of the Commercial Airplanes business unit, will also retire.

Calhoun served as CEO for just over a year before making the decision to resign himself. In an interview with CNBC, he stated that he made the decision after careful consideration and believed it was in the best interest of the company. The reason for his departure was not specified in Boeing’s press release.

Despite these challenges, Boeing continues to prioritize safety concerns and work towards improving the reliability of its aircraft. Several incidents involving Boeing planes have raised concerns in recent months, including a Wall Street Journal report of a criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice. These incidents include planes experiencing malfunctions mid-flight, such as the loss of a part of the wall of a Boeing 737 Max model. Additionally, there have been instances of landing gear problems and runway incidents involving Boeing aircraft.

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