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Biden seeks increased budget for progressive policies in potential second term

President Joe Biden recently released a budget proposal for the fiscal year 2025, which includes a significant increase in funding for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), part of the US Department of Justice. The proposed budget aims to enhance ATF’s investigation and prosecution activities related to firearm crimes.

The increase in resources for the ATF is justified as essential for strengthening firearms regulations in the United States. The proposed budget includes a 30% increase in funding for the ATF, totaling an additional $2 billion compared to current funding levels. Republicans have expressed concerns that the agency may use these resources for strict policies against civilian firearm use, potentially infringing on Second Amendment rights.

Aside from increased funding for the ATF, Biden’s budget proposal also allocates significant resources to other departments supporting progressive policies. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would receive over $1 billion for initiatives promoting racial equity and environmental justice. Additionally, the government plans to allocate around $3 billion for promoting gender equity globally.

Republican Senator Eric Schmitt criticized Biden’s proposed budget, calling it a nod to the woke agenda and a failure to work with Republicans on spending cuts. Schmitt described the proposal as a slap in the face to those addressing the country’s challenges. Biden’s budget aims to increase US spending to $7.3 trillion in 2025, with additional tax increases for the wealthiest Americans to reduce federal deficits.

The budget proposal faces challenges in Congress, where Republicans hold the majority in the House of Representatives. Biden hopes to secure a majority in Congress if re-elected, facilitating the passage of his proposals in

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