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As the holiday season approaches, Americans are facing tough choices when it comes to their finances. The current state of the economy has left many people struggling to make ends meet, and President Joe Biden’s economic plan, known as Bidenomics, has not yet achieved its goal of restoring the American Dream.

There are mixed opinions about the health of the economy on a macro level, with some experts predicting that a recession may be imminent or already underway. In October, economist Paul Krugman tweeted that inflation had ended based on a chart that excluded essential items such as food, energy, shelter, and used cars. However, this tweet was met with criticism for its disconnect from the reality faced by everyday Americans who are struggling to afford basic necessities.

Some argue that the economy is improving under Biden’s leadership, but this may not be true for those who need to purchase or finance essential items. The rising cost of items like a 6.25-pound package of chicken breasts highlights the challenges faced by many Americans during these difficult times.

As we move forward into the holiday season and beyond, it’s important to consider what constitutes a nightmare under Bidenomics. It’s clear that there is still work to be done in order to truly restore the American Dream and ensure that everyone has access to affordable basic necessities.

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