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Health Ministers Gather in Crucial Year for Polio Eradication – Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI)

The 10th meeting of the Regional Subcommittee on Polio Eradication and Outbreaks recently took place virtually, with health ministers from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region coming together to discuss strategies for eradicating polio. The meeting was led by Dr. Hanan Balkhy, the new WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, who expressed her commitment to ending polio during her tenure.

The subcommittee members, including Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health from Qatar, and Subcommittee Co-chair, praised Dr. Balkhy’s vision and expertise in leading the regional efforts. They emphasized the importance of working together and implementing effective strategies to combat the spread of the disease.

During the meeting, the ministers discussed how Dr. Balkhy’s leadership could benefit the region and bring them closer to a polio-free world. They collaborated and exchanged ideas on how to accelerate progress towards this goal.

The dedication of health ministers in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to eradicating polio was highlighted during the meeting. The regional efforts, led by Dr. Balkhy and supported by the Subcommittee, aim to make significant strides in the fight against polio and ultimately ensure a polio-free future for all children in their communities.

Overall, this meeting underscores the importance of continued collaboration and action among health professionals in combating infectious diseases like polio. With their dedication and expertise, we are one step closer to achieving a world that is free from such diseases.

By Samantha Jones

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