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1/ST Technology forms partnership with Bet365 in the United States

Bet365, a leading operator in the gambling industry, has announced a partnership with 1/ST Technology, the global leader in gambling-platform solutions. Through this partnership, Bet365 will bring horse racing to its United States customers through 1/ST Bet, the signature product of 1/ST Technology.

The collaboration will enable Bet365 to launch advance deposit wagering on horse racing in U.S. jurisdictions where ADW is permitted, accessible through web and mobile app platforms. This strategic alliance aims to enhance Bet365’s offering by providing a top-notch service for U.S. sports betting audiences, along with introducing them to a 24/7 international horse racing program.

1/ST Bet is an innovative ADW platform that features AI-assisted tools to enhance the user experience for both new horse racing enthusiasts and seasoned horseplayers, granting access to the entire 1/ST horse racing ecosystem. By leveraging 1/ST Technology’s suite of products and services, including Xpressbet, Monarch Content Management, and AmTote International brands, this agreement highlights the market leadership in pari-mutuel tote and ADW technologies.

Keith Johnson, chief revenue officer of 1/ST Technology expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the opportunity to showcase 1/ST Bet’s excellence in pari-mutuel horse racing wagering to Bet365’s customer base. A spokesperson for Bet365 echoed this sentiment, noting their excitement for the milestone partnership with 1/ST Technology as a significant step in their U.S. expansion strategy while emphasizing their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

This collaboration between two industry giants is expected to provide an enhanced user experience for U.S sports betting audiences while introducing them to a new form of international horse racing program that they can access through web and mobile app platforms.

By Samantha Jones

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