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Sheynnis Palacios had to face her inner demons before she could become Miss Universe 2023, a social communication graduate, and an advocate for mental health issues. In the past, she struggled with anxiety and opened up about her struggles in the days leading up to the beauty pageant held in El Salvador. Despite thinking she had overcome her problem, she suffered another anxiety attack backstage at Miss Universe. However, she remained calm and managed to handle it with grace.

For Sheynnis Palacios, it’s all about embracing the human experience and acknowledging that we all have our struggles. She channeled her own suffering into a project called “Entiende tu mente” (Understand your mind) to help others overcome their problems. She also collaborates with the Nicaraguan television program “Al Día” to share her teachings on mental health.

Her triumph was dedicated to girls around the world, her inner child, her family, and the more than 6 million inhabitants of Nicaragua. She hopes that her success will inspire great changes for women and girls who are essential to society. Through her experience, Sheynnis Palacios has learned that it’s okay not to be perfect and that it’s important to use our struggles as stepping stones towards growth and understanding.

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