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The Lions entered the game in Detroit with a mission to prove their place as one of the NFL’s top teams. However, the matchup was not pretty, and it was clear that a top team would need to pull out all the stops to win.

Initially, the Bears dominated most of the game, with Justin Fields effectively moving the ball and the Bears’ defense shutting down Jared Goff. The Lions struggled to keep up, but they never gave up hope.

With just minutes remaining on the clock and a 26-14 lead in favor of the Bears, things seemed bleak for the Lions. But they refused to give up and managed to score two late touchdowns and a last-minute safety to pull off an incredible comeback and secure a 31-26 victory.

Fields had a standout performance, surpassing 100 rushing yards and passing effectively. He appeared more confident in the offense after missing time with an injury earlier in the season. However, he finished on a sour note when he was sacked and fumbled out of bounds near the end zone.

Goff had one of his worst games of his career, throwing three interceptions before leading

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