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Ag University Develops Technology to Protect Growers from Sunburns

Small-scale farmers in India can now benefit from a cutting-edge technology developed by Birsa Agriculture University (BAU) that enables year-round vegetable cultivation. This innovative approach involves the use of microclimatic management through temporary shade nets, which has been granted a trademark by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Office of the Comptroller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks.

According to BAU spokesperson, this technology allows for sustainable and profitable production of high-quality vegetables throughout the year. The principal investigator at BAU’s Centre of All India Coordinated Research Project on Plastic Engineering in Agriculture Structure and Environment Management (PEASEM), Pramod Rai, is responsible for developing this groundbreaking technology.

Rai explains that the productivity and quality of crops are influenced by genetic material, crop management, and microclimate management. By managing critical microclimate parameters such as temperature, light, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide with protected cultivation technologies, farmers can optimize crop growth.

Overall, this innovative technology provides small farmers with an opportunity to enhance their vegetable cultivation practices’ quality and productivity while also improving the sustainability of their agricultural operations. With year-round control over microclimate parameters, farmers using this technology can achieve better results and contribute to a more environmentally conscious farming industry.

By Samantha Jones

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