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B9 Introduces State-of-the-Art Face Recognition Technology

B9, a leading fintech innovator, has recently launched an advanced face recognition AI algorithm to enhance security measures within the fintech industry. Mikhail Matveev, the Chief Data Officer at B9, views this innovation as a significant step forward in improving security and operational efficiency. This cutting-edge technology is designed to detect, recognize, and analyze human faces in images, ensuring secure access to B9 accounts and transactions on their mobile app.

The face recognition technology integrates device verification to proactively identify and address potential security threats. By accurately verifying identities and extracting facial attributes to determine “liveness,” B9 can ensure that the image originates from a real person rather than a printed photo or mask. This approach strengthens security measures and optimizes B9’s KYC processes, resulting in cost savings for the company.

B9 aims to revolutionize the banking experience in the cash advance space by incorporating the latest AI algorithms into its technology. The company is committed to staying ahead of innovation trends in safeguarding customers’ assets and information. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, B9 is dedicated to empowering hard-working Americans to achieve their financial goals with confidence.

For media inquiries, please contact Dmitrii Egorenkov, CMO at B9 Inc is located at 777 Brickell Avenue, Suite 500, Miami FL 33131

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