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Restaurant business owner arrested for alleged sexual assaults in Gaslamp area

Geoffrey Enrico Cole, a well-known restaurateur in the Gaslamp Quarter, was arrested this week on suspicion of sexually assaulting two acquaintances at his downtown business last spring. The incidents occurred on May 27, 2023, at Chefs SD on F Street. The San Diego Police Department confirmed Cole’s arrest on charges of sexual battery and indecent exposure. He was booked into county jail and is expected to be arraigned on Monday.

Cole’s arrest came just days after a successful grand opening ceremony for his new restaurant, Brunch After Dark (BAD), where he was not in custody. In a statement posted on his Instagram page, Cole maintained his innocence and stated that he was unaware of the allegations and the identities of the alleged victims. He also announced that he would temporarily halt all current business activities in San Diego until further notice.

The investigation into the incidents is ongoing as authorities gather more information regarding the accusations against Cole. Despite his denial of the allegations, the legal process will continue to unfold as the case progresses. The San Diego community is awaiting further developments in this case, as it raises concerns about safety and accountability in local businesses.

Cole’s reputation has been tarnished by these allegations, and many people are questioning whether he is fit to run a restaurant in downtown San Diego. Some are calling for him to step down from ownership while others are demanding that he be held accountable for his actions.

As we wait for more details about this case, it’s important to remember that everyone deserves due process and fair treatment under the law. We hope that justice will prevail and that those responsible for these crimes will face appropriate consequences.

By Samantha Jones

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