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In Benton Harbor, two men have been charged with robbery, brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, theft of firearms from a federal firearms licensee, and knowingly possessing stolen firearms. Darnell Bishop and Dontrell Nance were arrested after an alleged robbery at Dunham’s Sports where over 120 handguns were stolen.

According to U.S. Attorney Mark Totten, the duo held the store’s manager at gunpoint at his home before kidnapping him. They then forced the manager to disclose the store’s security information and took his keys to rob the store. Investigators found all but one of the stolen guns in homes and cars connected to Bishop and Nance after the robbery.

Totten emphasized that this incident is a clear example of the illegal influx of guns into communities that is fueling the epidemic of gun violence. He stated that it is crucial to address this crisis and fully prove the case against Bishop and Nance. A federal criminal complaint has been filed against both men, and if convicted, they could face up to life in prison.

The ongoing issue of gun violence serves as a stark reminder that efforts must be made across Benton Harbor and nationwide to combat this problem effectively.

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