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Apple is Reportedly Delving into Home Robots as Their Next Major Project.

Apple has recently ventured into a new territory as it explores the creation of home robots, a departure from its self-driving car project. Sources close to the company reveal that Apple is working on a mobile robot that can follow users around their homes and a smart display device. The smart display device employs robotics to mimic human head movements during activities like FaceTime calls.

The development of these devices is still in the early research stages, with engineers currently focusing on the technology behind them. While this project has garnered interest from senior executives at Apple, there have been some disagreements within the company about whether to proceed with it. However, Apple has not yet provided any official comment on its home robot research and development at this time.

Despite this, it’s clear that Apple remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and creating innovative products for consumers. This shift towards home robots represents another step forward in its quest to become a leader in the tech industry.

By Samantha Jones

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