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Week in Sports: Vegas brawl, Tour of Flanders, and high-flying action in Marseille

This week, the Associated Press featured two stunning sports photos that captured the intensity and athleticism of major events around the globe. In Las Vegas, AP photographers were on hand to document the super lightweight title fight between Isaac Cruz and Rolando Romero, with one standout image showcasing Cruz connecting a left hook to Romero’s face. Meanwhile, in Belgium, a photo of Norwegian cyclist Vegard Stake Laengen riding through the historic center of Oudenaarde during the Tour of Flanders captured the spirit of competition and adventure.

In addition to these thrilling moments in boxing and cycling, AP photographers also captured images that highlighted the physicality of soccer and football. A photo of Marseille’s Quentin Merlin flipping over Paris Saint-Germain’s Achraf Hakimi during a French league soccer match showcased the intense action on the field, while a photo of potential NFL receiver Gregory Clayton Jr. performing a broad jump during LSU’s pro day in Baton Rouge Louisiana highlighted the dedication and skill required to reach the next level in sports.

These incredible sports photos, curated by Mark Baker, showcase not only the thrill and drama of sports but also the passion and determination of athletes around the world. Whether it’s boxing or cycling, soccer or football, AP photographers are there to capture it all – defining moments that make sports so compelling to fans everywhere. Be sure to check out more amazing sports photos on the AP Sports website!

By Samantha Jones

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