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IDF Soldiers Turning to Alcohol and Drugs to Cope with Injuries: Report

A recent report by the Association of Social Workers has revealed a growing problem of alcohol and drug addiction among IDF soldiers who have been wounded in combat. The families of these soldiers are also facing financial and psychological problems, with 58% of social workers reporting worsening behavior from children in the families of reservists called up for service.

Among those surveyed, 19.11% reported abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as addictive medications in survivors of military injuries and their loved ones. Additionally, 68.52% reported psychological and psychiatric problems in the families of victims, with 66.56% reporting worsening psychological issues.

Educational difficulties are also prevalent among the families of injured military personnel, with 21.76% reporting a deterioration in their children’s education. This issue arose after the start of the war, with 57.9% reporting that their clients experienced difficulties due to economic problems (39.41%) or employment issues (33.82%).

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