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ClearBalance, a new program introduced by SGMC Health, aims to help patients manage their out-of-pocket healthcare costs. The program offers flexible payment plans tailored to individual circumstances, making it easy for patients to manage their healthcare expenses without sacrificing their well-being.

One of the key benefits of ClearBalance is its zero-interest patient financing. Patients can enjoy zero-interest financing for the duration of their repayment plan, eliminating high-interest charges and unexpected fees. Additionally, ClearBalance requires no credit checks or approvals, making it accessible to all patients.

Managing healthcare expenses has never been easier with ClearBalance. Once enrolled, patients can log into their ClearBalance account through their MyChart portal to track their balance, make payments, and stay in control of their financial journey.

Thousands of satisfied patients have taken control of their healthcare expenses with ClearBalance. The program allows patients to focus on their health without worrying about financial strain. Patients can enroll in the program by calling Patient Financial Services at 229.333.1040.

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