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ABC15 Arizona joins KTAR roundtable discussion on issues of teen violence and mental health in the Valley

ABC15 and KTAR News are joining forces for a roundtable discussion focused on mental health and behavior challenges among teenagers and young adults in the Valley. This collaboration comes after extensive coverage of issues such as teen violence and bullying in the East Valley. The two-hour roundtable will feature KTAR’s The Chris and Joe Show, as well as ABC15’s Melissa Blasius, Ashley Holden, and Nicole Grigg.

The first hour of the roundtable will delve into teen violence that has been increasingly highlighted in recent years, especially following the tragic death of Preston Lord. If you have a question or topic you would like the roundtable members to address regarding teen violence and mental health, you can email us at prior to the event.

In the second hour, the discussion will shift to the primary issues impacting youth, including mental health, bullying, and threats on social media. The conversation will also explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected teens and their coping mechanisms when facing external factors.

To watch the roundtable, tune in from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday via the ABC15 app on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or other streaming devices. The event will also be available for streaming on, the ABC15 Youtube page, and the ABC15 mobile app. This roundtable is part of KTAR’s week-long “Youth on Edge” series focusing on teen violence topics affecting our community.

If you have a news tip related to teen violence in the Valley, please email us at

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