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Over the weekend, more than 40 ducks were discovered dead in front of Delray Feed and Supply west of Delray Beach. The business owners were shocked and disgusted by the illegal dumping, which they believe was done with callous disregard for the environment and wildlife.

Michelle Cohen, who owns the business, took photos of the carcasses and alerted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to report the incident. The dump included at least 40 or more duck carcasses, and Cohen also suspected that they had been shot. The owners are certain that the remains came from a variety of ducks, but they declined to touch them further out of fear for their own safety.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is currently reviewing surveillance video in search of any potential leads on who might have committed this heinous crime. Michelle Cohen is highly supportive of hunting but only under the condition that it is done with respect towards animals. She hopes for a resolution to this situation so that wildlife can be protected in future incidents like this one.

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