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Printable bracket, games, and matchups for Final Four of March Madness: 2024 NCAA Women’s Tournament

The 2024 NCAA Women’s Tournament is set to begin, with two No. 1 seeds vying for the national championship in Cleveland. South Carolina, the overall top seed, is seeking redemption after being knocked out in the national semifinals last year. They will face off against No. 3 seed NC State, who upset top-seeded Texas in the Elite Eight. On the other hand, No. 1 seed Iowa avenged a loss to No. 3 seed LSU to make it to the Final Four and will take on No. 3 seed UConn, making their record 23rd appearance in the tournament after defeating No. 1 seed USC.

As March Madness approaches, viewers can view and print the official bracket below for reference during the events that will unfold over the next three weeks. CBS Sports offers complete coverage of all matches and updates throughout the tournament, so be sure to check back regularly for all your latest news and insights on this exciting event!

If you’re looking to add some friendly competition to your viewing experience of March Madness, get ready for bracket pools with friends and family! Whether you want to compete against others or challenge those closest to you, a bracket group is an excellent way to bring people together during one of college basketball’s most thrilling times of year. To create your own bracket group or find out more information about how to play online or in-person, simply click on the link provided above!

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