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Our Model Predicts the 2024 World Series Champion, Playoff Odds, and Win-Loss Records

A simulation model was used to predict the 2024 MLB season, and the results showed a World Series matchup between the Astros and Dodgers. The West Coast teams dominated both leagues, with the Dodgers winning out in the National League (NL) and the Astros taking home the American League (AL) crown. The projections included win-loss records for all 30 MLB teams, which were used to seed six teams for the playoffs.

The AL East was projected to be highly competitive, with several strong teams battling it out for first place. The AL Central had a clear front-runner, with other teams trailing behind. The AL West also had a dominant leader, with other teams expected to struggle to keep up.

In contrast, the NL East featured a clear front-runner, with other teams struggling to stay afloat. The NL Central and NL West were both highly competitive, with top teams facing off against each other in exciting matchups during the playoffs.

Ultimately, the model predicted a World Series victory for the Dodgers over the Astros, with both teams showing strong performances throughout the season. The simulations provided valuable insights into what fans can expect during the 2024 MLB season, including exciting matchups and surprises along the way.

By Samantha Jones

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