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Predicting 2024 MLB Season: Division Winners, World Series Champion, Cy Young, MVP, Shohei Ohtani and More

The 2024 MLB season is finally here, with baseball action set to begin in less than 48 hours. On Thursday, all 30 teams will take to the field for the first time this year, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the sport.

Our team of MLB experts has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming season, making their predictions for the year ahead. Among their picks are the Braves and Dodgers as favorites for the 2024 Fall Classic. They have also broken down each division and predicted outcomes for the season ahead.

MVP candidates like Juan Soto and Mookie Betts are in discussion, while young stars like Spencer Strider and Wyatt Langford are expected to shine in 2024. Players like Paul Goldschmidt and Blake Snell face uncertainty heading into the season, with only time revealing their fate.

Exclusive interviews with players like Evan Carter shed light on their readiness for the upcoming season, while speculation about playoff contenders like the Rangers and Padres adds to the excitement of what lies ahead in the 2024 MLB season.

By Samantha Jones

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