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Planetarium named after Luis Enrique Erro

Danna Ximena Astro, a 15-year-old science communicator, recently spoke at the Luis Enrique Erro Planetarium of the National Polytechnic Institute as part of the Festival of Women and Girls in Science. During her talk, she discussed NASA’s mission Sagebrush, which aims to return humans to the Moon, and highlighted the critical role that women play in exploring the universe.

Danna Ximena Astro is a passionate science communicator who shares her knowledge and insights with others through her YouTube channel, @dannaximenaastro420. She interviews scientists, presents historical data, and discusses new scientific projects. Her talk at the Planetarium was well-received by the audience and further solidified her position as a young and influential science communicator.

In her talk, Danna Ximena Astro emphasized the importance of women’s role in space exploration. She pointed out that women have always played a vital role in science and technology, from Marie Curie’s groundbreaking work on radioactivity to Sally Ride’s historic spaceflight. She encouraged young girls to pursue careers in science and technology and reminded them that they can make a significant impact on our understanding of the universe.

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